Curetech Skincare: At A Glance

Get ready for a remarkable journey to experience skin health, wellness and beauty that enhance you within. We are Curetech Skincare, a global healthcare company with a WHO cGMP accredited manufacturing plant, one of the few units of its kind. Combining the vast experience with advanced manufacturing practices, we bring forth an effective solution. Adhering to strict quality standards we manufacture, supply and export Skin Ointment, Cream, Antibiotic Ointment/Cream and a whole lot more. Quality of our products can be proved by our cGMP Certification & ISO – 9001: 2008 Certification. 100% result oriented, our clinically tested ointments are safe to use by any age group and available at competitive prices.

Quality Without Compromise: The Curetech Difference

Curetech Skincare is a company based on knowledge and expertise. We work closely with universities, hospitals and research Institutes to get relevant information on skincare needs and the effective management of various skin disorders and diseases. Curetech Skincare encourages partnerships. We favor continuous improvement and ongoing initiatives to provide quality products to physicians, other caregivers and pharmacists. Moreover, we have extended Loan Licence to other MNCs thereby to enhance our product and service offerings and to achieve the full potential of products and process involved therein.

Our Vision

To improve health seeking behavior pertaining to skin & the benefits of our products and our emphasis on process innovation.

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Our Mission

Curetech Skincare is committed to continually build trust and improve her mutually beneficial relationships with customers and our business associates, and will ensure value adding, innovative, solutions for Branded pharma, generic pharma, and OTC companies. Through our expertise and our products and services, we strive to be the most preferred manufacturing unit to Pharma Industry.

Our Values

  • Personal Commitment
  • High Integrity
  • Strong Teamwork
  • Achievement Oriented
  • Creation of Opportunities
  • Shared Sense of Satisfaction

Our Commitment To Our Employees

To continue to provide a respectful and quality work environment that promotes their development who actively participate in the wellness of patients and the growth of the company. Thanks to their outstanding work, dedication to patients and perseverance, our employees bring our vision to life every day. We are proud of the extensive knowledge, talent and experience of our employees who work to improve the lives of our country.

Our Strategy

In a rapidly changing marketplace, establish who our true customers are, what drives them, how we can communicate with them, how we can bring them differentiating added value so they bring added value to CURETECH SKINCARE.

Critical Factors That Sets Us Apart

  • Embedding a culture of CURETECH SKINCARE and One-face-to-customer
  • Learning about customers faster than the competition and turn that learning into action faster than the competition.
  • Sales and marketing excellence
  • Ensuring operational efficiency and effectiveness

Our Quality Assurance

cGMP Certified

Curetech Skincare is a cGMP certified company.


Curetech Skincare is a WHO certified company.

ISO 9001-2008 Certified

Curetech Skincare is a ISP 9001-2008 certified company.

Our Business Associates

  • Glenmark
  • Ajanta Pharma Limited
  • Lupin Pharmaceuticals
  • Wockhardt
  • Zuventus Heathcare Ltd.
  • Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Apollo Health Resources
  • Cipla
  • Encure Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Cadila
Curetech Skincare is a partnership entity established in the year 2007. We are a dedicated dermatology player and have carved a niche for ourselves in the field of skincare by enriching people’s lives. over the years we have added “those who matter” clients to our list of accounts. To augment the capacity and reach out to international clients, we have created a facility – Metrocraft in the year 2017. Metrocraft has large capacity and has been designed to address advanced markets. Our endeavor is to change the way the globally people think about skin health. Our objective is to enhance the quality of life people seek and contribute to a happier and healthier future through science based skincare products. Curetech provides solutions both in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics segments.

Skin plays an important role in everyone’s life. Curetech Skincare focuses on  science based solutions for skin health in the way seek to enrich the quality of people’s lives. We are dedicated to well being  of people’s lives through out the whole of life’s journey. We want to change the way people think about  skin health. Explore to find out how healthy skin makes a positive impact in the lives of people across the globe.

It is imperative that we understand the life cycle of skin. Our skin is a living miracle. How it is created and how one can protect it. Collectively combining community, industry, healthcare professionals and patients. We pool the knowledge and skills of people to contribute positively to the world we live in. Curetech skincare meets this imperative.

Standards are set and designed to guide our employees to carry out their day to day business. Our clients and customers vouch for ethics and values.

We offer wide range of products to take care of our skin needs at every stage of our life cycle. as we live longer, our needs and expectations are changing. We want people  to feel and look good and want our aging skin to overcome the challenges of time. To meet these needs, we focus on maintaining, nourishing and enhancing its qualities.  Acne, Atopic Dermatitis ( eczema) and Psoriasis to name a few apart from pain relievers.

We are also providing daily skin care solutions and  nurture  skin aging.

This helps people to feel good, do more and live longer!


This puts things in perspective at Curetech Skincare.  Everyone is focused on priorities – product pipe line, performance and building trust! Top executives team manages activities. Team managers manage business activities, each member is responsible for specific part of business.

Managing director is accountable for the performance of the organization, over all activities, strategies, risk management and the financial performance of the company.”

Our Clients