International Operations

Our robust domestic market presence and huge consumer base have encouraged us to pursue international aspirations. The flattening global world and the evolving technologies have fueled our international operations across multinational borders.

Our commitment to make the world a better place to live has ignited the passion to serve the mankind with quality Derma care products.

Our in-depth knowledge of the social-cultural, geopolitical conditions, pricing, tax policies and expertise on the consumer market behavior is an added advantage for our successful business expansion internationally.

Growing Strength To Strength

We at Curetech Skincare have earned the reputation of being the market leader in India through impeccable product quality and efficiency. Our wide product portfolio encompasses a range of healthcare and wellness products for generic and therapeutic purposes. Available in a variety of dosages and forms, our skin and healthcare solutions are used for the treatment of diseases ranging from skin ailments, pigmentation, scars, hair problems, acne, dental care inflammation, and many more. All our products are made from clinically tested ingredients, natural formulations, essential oil extracts that give no unwanted side effects.

We are now prepared for the expansion of our business operation in the international market with well prepared Regulatory and dossier requirements. We are focusing our strategic expansion primarily in the regions listed below:

  • 1. South Asian Region — Maldives, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, and SAARC Nations.
  • 2. African Region — Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Togo, and Burkina Faso.